I wanted to share some of my art. Art has always been my medium for expression; it is my way of communicating humor and emotions. My approach to creating my artwork typically involves taking somewhat mundane moments from my daily life and turning them into art pieces to show skill and mind. 


In my acrylic painting ‘Coping” of the girl in her hospital bed—the art style is realistic, but there are surreal elements included in the small girl and empty looking outside.


When I try to make photorealistic still-life work, I add an element of imagination or abstraction to the piece to make it more interesting or even provocative, as shown in another acrylic painting “Cafeteria”.


The theme of escapism is represented in my large-scale oil painting “Work” about a woman washing clothes—the subject matter is realistic, but the concept of a massive laundry factory manned by women in white dresses is unreal and illusory. 


Escapism is also a theme in the animations I created. In “Genso Guardians”. The characters are friends with magic powers who fight off evil: an imaginative idea that creates a pleasant world where friends can live harmonious and fun lives, fighting forest creatures. “My Day”, another animation I made, is reflective of what I usually go through daily, but adds a comedic and cartoonish effect. 


My artwork is very important to me as it reflects the different types of worlds I create based on my emotions. I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork.