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David is an independent multidisciplinary digital graphics artist with a career approaching three decades. Three years before Toy Story even hit the cinema, David, whilst pursuing a masters in music technology at NYU, kicked off his digital graphics and music career by creating two fully computer-animated TV commercials for MCI Communications. Since then, he has worked on major advertising campaigns for clients all over the world, servicing brands such as Mini Cooper, Microsoft, Pepsi, State Farm and Citibank. David is responsible for creating a diverse spectrum of digital contents for his similarly diverse list of clients, including graphics, website contents and animation for major agencies, hundreds of book jackets for the “Big Five” publishers, and vfx and music for independent filmmakers. A lover of music and visual art, David has a keen sense of culture, aesthetics and design which he applies to his work and never lets the technical complexity of computer graphics get in the way. He produces results that are not only fit for his clients’ purposes, but also suitably emotive, artistically pleasing and culturally relevant. 

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